Continuous Positive Airway Pressure or C-PAP is a type of sleep therapy that helps to eliminate common breathing issues during the night. 

C-PAP Treatment

Engineered to help you sleep comfortably, C-PAP treatment uses air pressure to stop breathing issues during sleep including snoring, gasping and choking. C-PAP technology has evolved considerably over the last five years; the current generation of devices is much quieter, with a variety of mask options to ensure a comfortable fit. 

It’s important to note that sleep apnea episodes will return when C-PAP is stopped or if it’s used improperly. 

C-PAP treatment requires adjustment (or titration) of the amount of pressure needed to keep the airway open. Patients who have had an ARES study no longer need to have a C-PAP pressure setting determined in the laboratory.. 

Multiple studies have shown that auto-adjusting C-PAPs, which automatically deliver the correct pressure, are as effective as in-laboratory determined pressure. Alternatively, the C-PAP pressure can be predicted using a formula and the pressure adjusted until the snoring subsides. 

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