DigiTrace Features & Benefits

DigiTrace ambulatory Video EEG services are utilized at over 40 epilepsy centers around the nation and by hundreds of neurologists each month.

DigiTrace Recorders

  • Validated online seizure and spike detection facilitates review
  • Head-mounted preamplifier reduces movement artifact for clean, clear tracings
  • Push-button feature allows direct patient interaction in the testing process
  • Record up to 72-hours to increase likelihood of capturing an event
  • Non-volatile memory ensures no lost EEG data

DigiTrace Video System

  • High resolution color video in daytime with low light infrared capabilities for night recordings
  • Intuitive setup for patient ease of use
  • Front panel display helps the patient ensure they are in view
  • Wide angle viewing cone provides broad video coverage in the home setting
  • Phone cord connection ensures patient stays in range of the camera for clinically useful video data; can be disconnected as needed

DigiView Review Software

  • Color coded files facilitate review allowing physicians to access areas of primary interest
  • Video and non-video files are easily differentiated
  • Compatible with Windows™ computers
  • Upgrades and enhancements available at no charge
  • Reformatting capabilities and montage editor for 27-channel studies

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