Important Message Regarding Hurricane Irma


Good afternoon:

SleepMed would like to take this opportunity to update our employees and customers on the preparations being made for the potential impact of Hurricane Irma on the Southeast United States.

First – Our thoughts/prayers/support remain with our patients, customers and employees in Houston and all of the residents of southeast Texas and Louisiana. We wish everyone impacted by Harvey a safe and speedy recovery!

Second – Hurricane Irma is currently one of the most dangerous storms on record and its impact on South Florida and the Southeast Coast of the United States remains uncertain. This morning’s changes in the storm’s path indicate the storm could impact our operations, patients and customers throughout the southeast (Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina in addition to Florida). While we may not know exactly where Irma is headed, by the time we know for sure, it may be too late. Therefore the Company is taking the following actions on a general level and more specific actions will be communicated at a local office level, as warranted.

States of emergency: as of now Florida is in a state of emergency and South Carolina has also declared a state of emergency in preparing for the storm. We encourage everyone to follow the recommendations of state and local authorities with respect to storm preparation and evacuations. For those in the storm’s path, prepare your home and take appropriate family precautions – do not wait until the storm is upon you.

SleepMed office activity: We expect that all offices in Southern Florida will be closed on Friday. With respect to patients, we will be rescheduling patients that have Friday appointments – specifically sleep in South/Central Florida, therapy in South Florida and Sarasota, and EEG in Central/South Florida. Other offices (Central Florida, western coast and Pan Handle) should be prepared to be closed on Friday as employees may need to prepare the offices and homes for the storm. Again, if evacuation orders are issued for areas where employees live, we encourage compliance.

Hospital offices: SleepMed does manage multiple hospital labs in Florida. Local offices should be contacting these hospitals and scheduling patients and staff in accordance with hospital out-patient procedures. We anticipate that all patients will be rescheduled (many by choice of patients).

I am sure there will be more items to convey as further information becomes available. Thus, we will continue to communicate any changes in the status of our operations as the information becomes available.

Our first interest is in the safety of our customers, patients and employees. We wish everyone safe transit through the storm.

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