Democrats Bill Requires Sleep Apnea Testing for Engineers

Democrats’ Bill Requires Sleep Apnea Testing for Train Engineers

The public and personal health risk related to untreated sleep disorders is significant enough to justify more than just a hard look at this legislation. Sleep disorders are complex and solving for their associated risks requires fundamental change in how we approach solutions.

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Description and validation of the apnea risk evaluation system: a novel method to diagnose sleep apnea-hypopnea in the home

ARES had a 0.96 correlation with PSG when recorded concurrently and 0.88 for in-home ARES vs. PSG. ARES demonstrated a sensitivity of 97.4 and a specificity of 85.6 in 284 subjects with data acquired concurrently with PSG, and a sensitivity of 91.5 and a specificity of 85.7 in 187 subjects when comparing in-home recordings to […]