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SleepMed is your partner in population health management for untreated Sleep Apnea and related conditions.  Poor management of sleep is costing employers billions of dollars each year and SleepMed has the best tools to build an effective results driven sleep care management program with proven outcomes.

Change to Costs Undiagnosed OSA

Total Costs (Undiagnosed)
Cost per Person (Undiagnosed)
Collisions per year
Total Costs (Diagnosed)
Cost per Person (Diagnosed)
Collisions per year (30% less)

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Medical Expenses

Sleep disorders contribute to and worsen heart disease, diabetes and obesity.


People with untreated sleep disorders are 3x more likely to miss work, and 1.5x more likely to be hospitalized.

Workplace Safety

Untreated sleep disorders result in 3x workplace accidents

The benefits of a Sleep Care Program


PMPM savings for those on PAP therapy versus those non-compliant


better patient compliance than competing programs


reduction in preventable accidents

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    Leading integrated sleep service provider

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Sleep Apnea has been documented as a major health hazard for employees in the transportation industry. From pilots to train drivers, testing for OSA is either obligatory or advisable to help avoid accidents at work. SleepMed has developed a unique chain of custody receiver for ARES™ that documents continuous wear until removed by the clinician, thus ensuring compliance with OSA testing.