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SleepMed is the nation's premier provider of best in class integrated sleep medicine services from home and laboratory sleep diagnostics to outcomes-based sleep disorder treatments and support.

Home sleep testing made easy

ARES provides a comprehensive analysis of sleep health from the comfort of home.

Nationwide Sleep
Service Coverage

SleepMed has the most comprehensive network of support centers to deliver the right service for each and every patient

Take our Sleep Risk Test!

80% of people have an undiagnosed sleep disorder. Take this preliminary test to see if you have a likelihood of having sleep issues

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OSA – A wake up call for Dentists

SleepMed can facilitate dentists with our ARES™ program and links to Sleep Physicians to provide unmatched care

Leave Lab Management
to the Professionals

Learn how SleepMed can help your sleep center achieve and maintain excellence in a changing reimbursement and regulatory environment.

Clinical Research

At SleepMed we conduct clinical research in sleep science.

Enterprise program

Comprehensive sleep care management for employees, for improved productivity and lower medical expenditures.

“My spouse wakes up a dozen times a night”

Your partner might not be aware of the severity or even the existence of sleep disordered breathing. Their physician or dentist could help diagnose and administer proper therapy for snoring, obstructive sleep apnea. This therapy could contribute to your partner's health significantly.

SleepMed Sleep Physician Network

Join the SleepMed Sleep Physician Network and tap into a new patient population, all at no cost or risk to you.