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SleepMed can provide facility design consultancy, install all required lab equipment, provide technologists, provide performance metrics and support physicians locally

SleepMed can ensure all scoring meets CMS and AASM guidelines; present P&P templates for review; perform interscore reliability testing and report sentinel events and provide long term data archival and HIPPA compliance

SleepMed will deal with all administrative operations and support as well as assist with accreditation standards for TJC, ACHC and AASM and others.We provide patient education, training and CPAP set ups (performed by a licensed RTs). We provide ongoing compliance monitoring performed by SleepMed staff, local and remote. In addition compliance feedback is reported via the SleepMed ARES™ portal along with diagnostic data results

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Sleep lab management

Increase revenue / reduce costs

The SleepMed Lab management program can offer a superior sleep program that promises to increase revenue and cut costs

Optimized lab quality and compliance

SleepMed has developed a suite of tools in IT, reporting, diagnosis and data management to deliver the best quality in Sleep Medicine


SleepMed systems have been shown to dramatically improve lab performance

A national brand in
sleep management


Most comprehensive network of Sleep facilities


Diagnostic studies per year in labs & at home


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SleepMed’s Diagnostic Dozen will help you achieve excellence

Sleepmed will implement and continually monitor 12 factors that are key to optimization of your lab’s performance

ARES Home Testing
in five simple steps


Form Completion:

Complete and fax the
Home Sleep Study
Order Form


Mail Delivery:

SleepMed will verify
benefits coverage and
contact the patient to
schedule delivery of the
home sleep test device


Home Sleep Study:

Patient receives the device and completes a 1-2 night home sleep study. SleepMed
will contact the patient on the night of the study to
provide education on use.


Device Return:

Patient returns the
device via prepaid /
pre-addressed mailer.


Data Interpretation:

SleepMed will perform a technical edit of the raw
study data and have a
professional interpretation
completed by a boarded
sleep physician, then fax
the final study report to
you for review.

Sleep Risk Test

Take our Sleep Risk Test and then (if necessary) our proprietary, clinically-validated screener that assesses OSA risk and severity with over 90% accuracy