A comprehensive approach to sleep care management

ARES™ Home Sleep Test and its unique cloud based platform supports comprehensive integrated fully customizable sleep management programs

As part of SleepMed’s full-service model, sleep study results can be integrated with PAP therapy to provide patients with a streamlined and comprehensive sleep management program (subject to Federal and State regulations). Integrating sleep study with therapy benefits patients in terms of adherence and better outcomes.

SleepMed operates a nationwide network of sleep therapy centers and DME partners. We pride ourselves on delivering the best therapy that is right for each and every patient.

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Expand your practice

With our unique ARES™ Home Sleep Test cloud based platform and with our Sleep Physician Network, SleepMed makes it easy to bring sleep medicine to your patients

Its all in the cloud!

Use your own technicians, use our technicians – it is a full ‘a-la-carte’ offering to allow you run your practice how you want to

Improve adherence

Our attention to detail from diagnosis to therapy means patients are more likely to get the right therapy and stay on it thereby helping the patient with better outcomes

AHI (apneas/hypopneas recorded per hour of sleep)


None / Minimal:
AHI < 5 per hour


Mild / Moderate:
AHI >15, but < 30 per hour


AHI > 30 per hour

SleepMed Physician Network

Join the SleepMed Physician Network and tap into a new patient
population, all at no cost or risk to you.

Easy bill pay is just a click away.

Fast, easy and secure, our bill pay service can be used to pay for charges associated with sleep studies, a therapeutic system to treat your sleep disorder, ambulatory EEG tests and more

To enroll in online bill pay you’ll need:
  • → A copy of your printed invoice
  • → Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover
  • → Billing address for your credit card

Home Sleep Testing Reimbursement

It is important to be informed on the coverage, contracting, coding and reimbursement requirements of payors when considering offering home sleep testing within your practice. As payor policies are constantly evolving with respect to home sleep testing, this serves as a guide to help you navigate the key issues with your payor set.

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The SleepMed Lab Portal

Access point for all of your critical sleep lab information. Patient scheduling, physician referrals, employment staffing and lab policies at your fingertips.

Sleep Risk Test

Take our Sleep Risk Test and then (if necessary) our proprietary, clinically-validated screener which assesses OSA risk and severity with over 90% accuracy

ARESTM Home Testing
in five simple steps


Form Completion:

Complete and fax the
Home Sleep Study
Order Form


Mail Delivery:

SleepMed will verify
benefits coverage and
contact the patient to
schedule delivery of the
home sleep test device


Home Sleep Study:

Patient receives the device
and completes a 1-2 night
home sleep study. SleepMed
will contact the patient on
the night of the study to
provide education on use.


Device Return:

Patient returns the
device via prepaid /
pre-addressed mailer.


Data Interpretation:

SleepMed will perform a
technical edit of the raw
study data and have a
professional interpretation
completed by a boarded
sleep physician, then fax
the final study report to
you for review.

ARES Home Testing
peer-reviewed publications

The ARESTM device is FDA-approved and clinically validated in thousands of patients. ARESTM is also the premier device for the latest sleep research. Click here to access peer-reviewed publications. SleepMed also conducts ongoing research to deliver the most advanced sleep technology

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