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Expand your Sleep Program with the Apnea Risk Evaluation System or ARES™ Home Sleep Test system. In addition, SleepMed’s cloud based platform with our unique 24/7 support removes all obstacles inherent in diagnosing and treating sleep disorders. Expand your sleep program now!
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Comfortable and easy for patients to use


Highest degree of accuracy and lowest documented failure rate


All-inclusive service requires minimal staff involvement for ordering and insurance processing

Unmatched accuracy
and service


Concordance with simultaneous lab PSG


Lowest documented failure rate keeps costs low


Channels of data for detailed analysis

Next-generation device

ARES was designed to be used from the comfort of home, in order to capture the most accurate information about a patient’s actual sleeping patterns. ARES is worn on the forehead and accommodates all sleep positions. Simple, clear audio and visual indicators promote reliable data capture by making it easy for patients to know when ARES needs adjustment.

ARES™ sophisticated sensors in a single, small device

ARES™ stores up to three nights of nocturnal data. Comfortable and designed to be worn in all sleep positions, ARES™ was created to be worn at home, where it is easier to gather an accurate profile of the patient’s breathing and sleep. Convenient audio and visual indicators let the patient know when ARES™ needs adjustment, increasing reliability of data capture.

  1. Airflow
  2. Respiratory effort
  4. Snoring intensity & pattern
  5. Head position & movement
  6. Blood Oxygen saturation
  7. Behavior
  • Nasal Cannula connected to a pressure transducer

    Nasal Cannula connected to a pressure transducer

  • Optional Piezocrystal belt

    Optional Piezocrystal belt

  • NREM vs REM, FP1 and FP2

    NREM vs REM, FP1 and FP2

  • Calibrated acoustic microphone

    Calibrated acoustic microphone

  • Measuring Head position

    Measuring Head position

  • Measuring RDI (average # apneas, hypopneas)

    Measuring RDI (average # apneas, hypopneas)

  • Software


ARES Home Sleep Testing
in five simple steps


Form Completion:

Complete and fax the
Home Sleep Study
Order Form


Mail Delivery:

SleepMed will verify
benefits coverage and
contact the patient to
schedule delivery of the
home sleep test device


Home Sleep Study:

Patient receives the device and completes a 1-2 night home sleep study. SleepMed will contact the patient on the night of the study to provide education on use.


Device Return:

Patient returns the
device via prepaid /
pre-addressed mailer.


Data Interpretation:

SleepMed will perform a technical edit of the raw study data and have an interp completed by a board sleep physician, then fax the final study report to you for review.

“The ARES™ Home Sleep Testing Device makes it extremely easy to upload data, allowing our staff to have more time for patient care. It has been very profitable for our practice because the patients find it easy to use.”

Julie L. Zweig, M.D., Northeast Atlanta
Ear, Nose, and Throat, P.C

ARES Home Testing
peer-reviewed publications

The ARES device is FDA cleared and clinically validated in thousands of patients. ARES is also the premier device for the latest sleep research. SleepMed conducts ongoing research to deliver the most advanced sleep technology