Gold standard in ambulatory video EEG monitoring

With SleepMed’s proprietary ambulatory video EEG monitoring service, DigiTrace, and its industry leading cloud based software DigiCloud your healthcare organization can ensure definitive and efficient diagnosis for patient treatment

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Cloud based data capture

Immediate access to studies 24/7/365

High Quality Streamed EEG and Video

No downloading required; viewable patient notes; electronic signature capable


Trusted by epilepsy centers nationwide; automatic archiving of studies; HIPPA compliant

Accurate, reliable and
patient friendly


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patient clinical support hotline during monitoring

Outpatient Video

Epileptic events can be triggered often at home. Digitrace pioneered outpatient video in order to capture electrographic data without losing clinical utility.

EEG Research

SleepMed has significant experience with clinical trials related to neurological and psychiatric disorders. through its nationwide network of providers and EEG centers, Secure web-based links to associated epileptologists enables standardized and centralized reading of EEGs for trials.

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  • Discover what makes DigiTrace an industry leader

    Discover what makes DigiTrace an industry leader

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    72+ hours

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    Intuitive readings

We provide ambulatory video EEG monitoring for your patients in six steps:

All our customers feel our equipment and many value-added services make DigiTrace the best choice in EEG home monitoring. Do you need ambulatory video EEG recordings for your patients? You may order tests directly from one of our 40 city service centers through a simple referral process:


Physician refers a
patient for an
ambulatory EEG study at a nearby SleepMed
Service Center.


Insurance pre-
certification conducted by SleepMed prior to
patient scheduling.


Patient is set up by
an experienced EEG


Patient goes home with the DigiTrace system for continuous moni-
toring and recording
of clinically relevant
data. Patient provided
with toll-free, 24 hour
support line number.


Patient returns for
the disconnect (up to 72 hours later) at which time the technologist
accesses DigiCloud for immediate access to studies


Referring physician or
Reader Panel physi-
cian conducts an interpretation of the results. When the Digi-Trace Reader Panel is requested, a detailed report is dictated within 48 hours and the report and sample
tracings are sent to
the referring physician.

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  • Flexible DigiTrace partnership models to meet your needs

    Flexible DigiTrace partnership models to meet your needs

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