SleepMed Therapy Solutions

SleepMed’s therapy options are among the best in sleep health, offering physicians and patients many benefits including: Complete range of best PAP therapy; National network of leading therapists; Streamlined, service-orientated care model and industry-leading cloud based technology all offering the best compliance rates in the industry.

Sleep management partnership

call us 1-800-SLEEPMED

Complete range of therapy options

Better Service

Whether it is supplies, masks or PAP machines, we offer the best only

National Network

Our leading therapists are among the best and our Sleep Advocate service is available 27/7

Streamlined model

SleepMed makes the experience for referring physicians, staff and patients simple and effective. We look after administration and insurance related details for physicians, while simplifying the patient set-up process

First national brand in
sleep management


therapy supply orders filled per year


staff Respiratory Therapists and national RT network


PAP set ups per year

Integrated therapy for optimal compliance

SleepMed patients’ compliance rate is significantly higher than our peer providers because we have developed the best technology, processes and support. This leads to a better patient experience, and in turn, higher therapy compliance.

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Easy supply refills

Sign up for automatic re-orders, with the option to cancel anytime.

Or call us @ 1-770-516-5455