Value-based Sleep Medicine

We can efficiently and securely screen, identify, test, diagnose and treat those patients with sleep apnea in hospital with our Sleep Care program. Treating sleep apnea in hospitals can significantly reduce direct medical costs.

Reduction in Direct Medical Costs

Physician visits (per year)
Physician costs (per year)
COPD (Admission Free Time- Months)
Physician visits (per year)
Physician costs (per year)
COPD (Admission Free Time- Months)

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Population health management reduces medical costs

Medical Expenses

We work with ACO/PCHM/CIN to deploy sleep care management programs that deliver real value

Expand Clinical Capabilities

Screening for sleep apnea can reveal other serious undetected conditions, allowing earlier treatment and better outcomes for high risk patients.

Improve Adherence

Our streamlined workflow minimizes the burden on physicians while improving care management.

The economics of sleep care


wasted in hospital re-admissions (PwC)


Reduction in medication for Hypertensives on CPAP


the average cost per heart failure hospitalization

SDB and

SDB is associated with chronic disease including CVD, heart failure, diabetes, stroke and COPD. Observational studies have shown that SDB can accelerate disease progression and therapy can reverse this acceleration.

"We are very pleased with the capabilities that SleepMed has provided for our Sleep Program. From identification, through verification and ultimately, therapy validation, SleepMed has provided us with all the tools we need to ensure and enhance our continuum of care."

Dr. Frank Sorhage and Dr. Douglas Whitmore,
Medical Directors of Sleep Medicine at Holy Cross Hospital


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